Real Estate professionals

Bessé Immoplus is the first insurance broker to be totally dedicated to estate agents and property managers.

With a 40-strong team attentive to your expectations and capable of building innovative solutions with you in terms of products and/or processes which provide you with added value.
We have been forerunners by your side for some time now, in terms of decision-making aids (extranet for tenant selection) and, since September 2013, in terms of our totally unique multi-service doorway.
We see our profession as advising you right at your side, proposing solutions which can go as far as integrating and building a whole chain of values for renting property, a fine example being our doorway

4 good reasons to trust us:

  • Our thorough knowledge of your activity
  • Our constant presence at your side
  • Our advice leading to added value for your firm
  • Our innovative ideas serving your daily needs

Property managers

4 good reasons for choosing us:

The specialisation of our teams, which design made-to-measure solutions based on all our years of experience by your side.
Our great capacity for innovation in terms of management tools to lighten your workload and offer new products to protect your margin.
Our position as number one insurance advisor in your profession, which gives us a real advantage when negotiating with the insurance market on your behalf and defending your interests.
Our transparency in the task we perform for you by making available to you all the information you require, through our doorway

Estate Agents

What makes us different?

We create and develop centres of profit which provide added value through an increase in your income.
For you, we have designed a unique chain in research / selection / insurance approval / archiving / unpaid rent, through our doorway, in partnership with BePrem’s.
We focalise on seeking margin-creating solutions in the context of the ALUR law (Duflot).
Our position as leader means that we have a reputation to live up to but also gives us an advantage when defending your interests

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    Nous dispensons plus de 650 heures/an de formation aux collaborateurs de nos clients. Nous participons activement à les faire monter en compétences. Nous concevons actuellement une formation non présentielle en partenariat avec l’IMSI qui répond aux exigences de la loi ALUR.

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    Bessé Immobilier & Construction s’est toujours engagé à apporter des solutions d’assurances adaptées et personnalisées qui nous permet de couvrir aujourd’hui + de 25.000.000 m² sur tout le territoire et d’instruire 10.000 sinistres par an.

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    Bessé Immobilier & Construction est leader sur le marché de l’assurance Loyers Impayés. Nous bâtissons avec nos clients des contrats qui sécurisent les investissements des propriétaires bailleurs. Nous assurons ainsi plus de 100.000 lots, délivrons 35.000 agréments de locataires par an et réglons plus de 4.000 sinistres par an grâce à une délégation totale des assureurs.

  • France Paris


    Bessé Immobilier & Construction accompagne depuis de nombreuses années des foncières et notamment la plus ancienne d’entre elles. Bessé ImmoPlus met ainsi en œuvre des programmes d’assurances avec de fortes capacités pour sécuriser la couverture de parcs immobiliers de toute nature et notamment haut de gamme.

  • France Paris

    Promoteur Immobilier

    Bessé Immobilier & Construction a en charge le programme responsabilité civile d’un très important promoteur (près de 2Mds de CA), seul groupe en France opérant sur l’ensemble des activités du secteur immobilier : commerce, logement et bureau.

ImmoPlus Online

We consider that our role at your side must always involve simplified handling of insurance for your property-owners. This is why we have created our new doorway, which groups together all the issues relating to insurance policies (access to contracts / loss reporting / follow-up…). This leaves you with more time available to spend on your clients.

As we know you well, this is also how we offer solutions which provide added value by creating a chain with Beprem’s, which ranges from finding a tenant, right up to the property being rented and then handling unpaid rent, without it being necessary to use any paper during the whole process.

Bertrand Mulot

Head of the Bessé Immoplus Division

Right by your side to help you through the implications of the ALUR law

The property management profession is about to encounter great change and our mission as top insurance broker at your side is to accompany you by designing solutions which generate value for your firm and creating pioneering insurance offers which reinforce your corporate image and your profitability.

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