Professional Breeders

By joining the Anima Solutions scheme, you have a choice of insurance solutions especially adapted to the world of dog- and cat-breeding

For you, the breeder:

By choosing the scheme that suits you best between the ANIMA SOLUTIONS CLUB, you will benefit from a multitude of advantages:

  • Coverage and service for owners
  • Legal assistance for your activities as a whole
  • Promoting sales and visiting breeders
  • A guarantee of quality for your breeding operations

The advantages

Optional Premium Legal Protection: to make sure your activities are protected

For your clients:

  • 60 days coverage from the time the pet arrives in its new home
  • In the event of decease following an accident or illness, coverage for pet replacement
  • Telephone assistance for all your practical questions
  • A web doorway including specific access for owners a specific web doorway

Anima Solutions shows a creative spirit in handling coverage by developing a specific web doorway ( enabling the breeder to handle all their registration formalities directly on line.

Site Anima Solutions

Cyprien Laubin

In charge of Anima Solutions

Highlighting your value as a professional breeder and offering quality service to your customers and their friends

Anima Solutions has come up with an exclusive and innovative solution which targets professional breeders (club AnimaSolutions) and their clients (Passport for animal welfare)

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