Marine & logistics

With 50 years of experience behind it in the Marine sector, BESSÉ’s specialisation is historical

and explains the quality of the advice and service we offer our clients, the shipowners.

Our multi-facetted portfolio enables us to tackle any area of the Marine profession.

Our specialists are at our clients’ service 24 hours a day

to handle their risks and their claims, and are reinforced by:

  • Surveyors (from the fields of Shipbuilding and Shiprepairs) capable of analysing the most complex technical situations; alongside our clients, these Surveyors deal with analysing their risks and handling their claims and compromised settlements,

  • A team based in London, the “BESSÉ Unit”, which opens up access to the international Marine and Cargo market, thus enabling us to place risks requiring large and exclusive amounts of capacity and to give our clients alternative capacity in terms of coverage and cost.

The quality of service provided by Cabinet Bessé also stems from its efficient reactivity in the event of a claim: by helping shipowners to instruct claims files and reserve and exercise their rights of recourse against any parties that may cause them damage (subcontractors …)

The coverage which we negotiate on the insurance market is made to measure and is not only adapted to the technical risks arising from each construction but also to the contractual commitments between the shipyards and their customers, i.e. the shipowners (loss of earnings / delay penalties, in particular).

Our expertise embraces all the risks involved when operating a fleet of vessels:

  • “Hull & Machinery” coverage: Damage suffered by the vessel (collision, stranding, fire, machinery breakdown …)
  • Consequential financial loss : coverage of financial loss arising from damage suffered by the vessel
  • “P&I” coverage: damage suffered by third parties (collision, pollution …)
  • Charterers’ Liability
  • War risks and piracy coverage

A long-standing, discreet and efficient presence in oil and gas

Bessé has acquired lengthy experience in oil and gas, both in exploration and production.
We have especially acquired this experience through:

  • « Comprehensive Offshore » coverage
  • « Operators’ Risks » coverage for production plants, both onshore and offshore

and in respect of:

  • Damage suffered by drilling and/or production units and the resulting financial losses
  • « Third Party Liability » coverage
  • « Pollution » coverage
  • Coverage of the costs incurred for controlling and redrilling when an incident arises during a drilling campaign or in oilfields in operation

London is the hub for this type of insurance and our office is strongly involved in placing these risks.

The globalisation of industrial production cycles makes logistics and cargo risks a major concern for those in charge of managing industrial risks. All industrialists need to move their raw materials, their half-finished and finished goods all over the world by sea, air, over land or by inland waterway. They have to contend with storage periods which can be quite lengthy and, as their goods move from one production cycle to the next, they see an increase in value.
Supply chains have become very complex and it has become difficult for an industrialist to have clear traceability of their goods flow. These supply chains can be impacted by any number of occurrences, be it damage during transportation, storage, while on subcontractors’ or clients’ premises or even simply by a natural disaster.

Amongst Besse’s specialities, you will find coverage for the risks faced by Harbour Authorities, i.e. Property Damage, Loss of Hire, Third Party Liability, Pollution Liability, coverage for fleets of ships, etc.
Although, for the most part, these risks are placed on the Industrial Risks market, most of the risks encountered by Harbour Authorities come under the heading “Marine risks”, which is Bessé’s historical branch. It was therefore only right and proper that Bessé should be present in this field of activity which marks both the beginning and end of the voyage for the cargo carried

The way exposure to risks is handled by Harbour Authorities varies depending on whether the Harbour is an independent Authority or belongs to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or to the private sector. The legal framework for handling these risks is therefore important.
This is why, for each type of establishment, taking into consideration its status but also the nature of the various goods flows, original and well-adapted insurance solutions have been set up.

  • France Nationwide

    Harbour Authorities

    Our specialization in the Marine sector means that we are also present helping a large number of establishments in charge of port facilities for whom specific coverage is set up, i.e. Dunkirk, Calais, Le Havre, Cherbourg, St Malo, Brest, Lorient, Nantes, St Nazaire, Bordeaux and Sète.

  • French territorial waters

    MRE / Tidal turbines

    After having performed a feasibility study, we have set up continental insurance coverage which aims solely at the risks associated with the various stages in building, both onshore and offshore (assembly, towing, laying…) a tidal turbine demonstration farm off the French coast. Once the facility has been set up, we remain by our client’s side to technically monitor the project and handle any incidents that may arise.

  • France and Italy Corsica & Sardinia


    Our presence is very strong when it comes to seeking marine insurance solutions for transporting passengers and cargo from Northern Europe to the Mediterranean. Thus, Bessé works alongside a major carrier to Corsica and Sardinia, carrying over 270,000 passengers and more than 800,000 linear metres of freight per year.


BC Cargo OnLine, a doorway which enables industrialists to handle their international risks:

  • handling their insurance certificates
  • handling their policies
  • handling their claims
  • accessing loss records...

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Gildas Tual

Head of the Marine & Logistics Division

The Marine economy has become a priority stake: most goods are transported by sea

The Marine economy has become a priority stake: most goods are transported by sea, the same sea from which we prise halieutic resources, extract oil and gas and whose winds and tides we try to tame to produce energy. It is in this fascinating context that we provide our know-how.

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