Health & Retirement benefits

Our human resources at your service

People are a firm’s greatest asset.
Its success and human resources are inseparable.
Awareness of this has encouraged you to develop and set up real management tools.
Among these, additional or differed payment, as provided under prudential and/or pension schemes, remains one of your major concerns.

Follow the trend

Structural changes in the firm make you wonder how to finance health and pension schemes:

  • Is the scheme presently in place in your company the most relevant?
  • Does co-financing (i.e. shared between employer / employee) seem appropriate to you?
  • What new coverage would it be suitable to set up?

It is absolutely necessary and urgent to adapt and control your benefit schemes to the best of your ability if you wish to master and safeguard them.
By being close to you and available the whole time, we make sure that your protection scheme works efficiently.
Throughout its entire lifespan, we ensure careful and regular steering, capable of triggering the necessary adjustments at the right time.

We are right beside you

Whatever your environment, be it financial, social or legal, we are right beside you to list all the requirements pertaining to your own particular needs and activity.

Our experts attentive to its client businesses

Bessé has been advising, accompanying and steering its client businesses towards the « mutuelle pour tous » (mutual protection plan) in force on 1st January, 2016, as part of the ANI (Accord National Interprofessionnel) (French Interprofessional National Agreement), for specialized branches such as the nuclear, marine, food and motor industries, etc...

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    Nous conseillons et suivons Galderma, filiale de Nestlé spécialisée dans le « skin health » pour auditer ses programmes de protection sociale à l’international afin de vérifier qu’ils sont bien en cohérence avec leur marque employeur. Cet exercice permet ainsi de vérifier et renforcer l’attractivité des différentes filiales internationales par rapport à un référentiel marché local tout en optimisant financièrement ces périphériques de rémunération.

Christophe Parizot

Directeur Bessé Ressources

Pilotage, conseil et pédagogie

Le savoir-faire de Bessé Ressources allie une capacité à piloter financièrement les budgets de la protection sociale et une vision ressources humaines de ces enjeux.
Nous accompagnons nos clients de la conception au pilotage jusqu'à la valorisation des dispositifs auprès des représentants du personnels et des salariés.

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