Food-supply Industry and agricultural cooperatives

Bessé Agro is the French insurance specialist for:

  • Agro-Industrialists
  • Agricultural Cooperatives
  • Traders

Bessé’s expertise devoted to food-supply industry

Our expertise comes from the daily contact we have with our clients and from research carried out by us on their behalf.

By analyzing and concocting original solutions, we have become hyper-specialized in the following risks:

  • The food-supply industry (agro-energy / supply chain / transformation / manufacturing ingredients, drinks, foodstuffs, ready meals, etc.).

  • The farming industry (genetics / seeds and plants / supplies / crops / breeding / storage / animal feed / transport / transformation in its early stages, etc.).

Our specialization enables us to innovate and develop any number of custom-made solutions as well as follow any changes in the various risks involved.

Settling claims is a major concern of ours.

For each account, our team identifies your objectives with you by incorporating your industrial and commercial requirements.

Our experience enables us to anticipate. We are familiar with your environment and your obligations. Our claims team is involved in drafting your policies and continuously improving coverage.

Prevention is indispensable for improving methods and aids. Our prevention engineers play an essential role in accompanying your projects.

By constantly keeping a careful watch on legal and technical issues, we can take into account the changes in your environment in the advice and insurance solutions which we offer you.

Both in France and abroad, our fields of competence are the direct result of our experience and research.

In conjunction with our clients, experts, specialists, engineers and lawyers, Bessé Agro has performed a thorough analysis of the specific risks faced by food-supply industry, i.e.:

  • Contamination and media crisis
  • BSE, bird flu …
  • GMO crops, biocontrol products
  • Mycotoxins, heavy metals, undesirable substances, persistent pollutants …
  • Lack of conformity, yield, product performance, result requirements
  • Mortality, low growth rate, poor livestock production, veterinary medicines
  • Commitment to supply, collect, process
  • Poor germination capacity
  • Poor performance owing to errors in technical advice

Bessé Agro has developed a special brand of expertise to protect your assets and your liabilities:

Whether in the domain of Property Damage or Public Liability, our analysis enables us to build customized insurance programmes with our customers.

  • Property Damage and Business Interruption
  • Public Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Environmental impairment
  • Brand image
  • Contamination
  • Construction
  • Fleets of vehicles
  • Fraud
  • ART Solutions, captive management
  • Climate risks

Bessé Agro can also assist you with benefits for your employees.

The growing complexity of employee protection and the progressive transfer to employers of part of the financing for employee protection schemes make it more necessary than ever to be provided with advice, expertise, steering and assistance.

- Medical costs
- Health and retirement benefits
- Supplementary pension
- Personnel on missions, expatriated or detached
- Individual Casualty Insurance / Personal Accident
- Kidnap and Ransom
- Key person coverage
- …

  • Ukraine Moguilev

    Construction of a seed production plant

    When a seed producer decides to expand on to the Eastern Europe market by building a plant in Ukraine, it is important to assist from A to Z with preparing the insurance programme (covering risks during the building phase, anticipated loss of earnings, site operation, political risks, ….).

  • Germany Heidenau

    Flooded malt production plant

    The intensity of climate risks can vary tremendously from one part of the world to another. Insurance for climate risks also varies from one country to another. In June 2013, a malt production plant belonging to one of our clients was flooded by the river Elbe, causing the barley in storage to be totally destroyed, making it impossible for contracts to be honoured and deliveries to be made to their clients. The buildings and equipment were also severely damaged, leading to serious business interruption. A thorough analysis of the risks, careful international placing and a seasoned claims-handling team are indispensable to avoid ending up in trouble.


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Estelle Urien

Head of the Bessé AssurAgri Division

We have been assisting our clients abroad for over 30 years

and give them the benefit of our tried and tested experience in setting up and handling international programmes.

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