Our structure

Our structure at the client’s service

« The client is placed right at the heart of the Bessé structure »

In spite of our size, the way we organize things with the client remains very simple and has become quite unusual in our profession.

It relies on an executive who is put in charge of his client’s account and who looks after all their problems and questions regarding insurance. He is also in charge of handling the account which he sets up on the insurance market on his client’s behalf.

This executive, who is a specialist in your particular field of risks, is surrounded by a team of highly skilled experts (technicians, legal or financial advisors, etc.), depending on your particular problem.

At Bessé, clients have a single, multi-purpose doorway, which ensures simplicity, efficiency, availability and rapidity in account-handling. Our motto is that the client is the most important person in the whole process.

This is why we also have a branch which places and handles risks in London, thus giving us access to the international insurance market and enabling us to solve any capacity problems that may arise for risks on an industrial scale. This structure enables us to create competition, both in terms of coverage and price.