Our creative spirit

Bessé designs its own insurance contracts and develops in-house IT tools highly suited to its clients' requirements

Innovation is at the heart of our profession. It is indispensable if we wish to offer our clients the service they deserve. At Bessé, this of course means imagining the most suitable insurance coverage for emerging risks and convincing the insurers to support our clients as their activities evolve. It also means imagining risk-handling and service procedures which enable our team to give our customers the best possible support and advice on a daily basis. Bessé’s added value lies in this resolutely creative approach to insurance and providing service.

Therefore, discussing sustainable energy projects, anticipating climate change, experimenting new forms of distribution, securing rent income, protecting brand image for the food industry, helping our clients by promoting loyalty in their own clients, are a wide variety of moves which hit the target at which Bessé aims every day: anticipation and innovation.

And then our profession, over and above anticipating risks and building innovating insurance solutions, consists in making them work when a loss arises. As one of our old sayings goes: “Insurance is pointless unless something goes wrong!” Bessé has always heavily invested in claims-handling and has extremely competent teams at its fingertips to do so. In fact, they are probably the most renowned teams on the market. These teams all share the same ambition: to steer the client through difficult procedures, to relieve them of all the complications involved in handling their insurance policies, in order to leave them free to devote themselves entirely to their trade, their growth and their relationship with their own clients.